[LP] GERMANY GERMANY is a roaring RIVER of good tunes and good times

♫ Germany Germany – River

The non-stop beat machine that we affectionately refer to as Germany Germany is back with a full length album named after one of the best songs of 2010, “Radiowave” (below). After releasing a whole handful of fantastic free EPs he has finnaly decided to capitalize on our good fortune and has put the album up on iTunes. Amen, man. Jams like this deserve it! Aside from the unstoppable title-track, the instrumental “River” is my favorite jam, showcasing Germany Germany’s knack for weaving rhythms of different weight into a swirling wash of propulsive energy. If you have been keeping up with GG’s prolific offerings to date then it’s no surprise that the whole album is solid business and butters my groove bun to crunchy and toasty perfection. “I Can’t Be” is another highlight, with GG’s mastermind, Drew Harris taking on dueling vocal duties over a popping beat that constantly tests my fist pumping urges. If all this dancing and flailing leaves you a bit sweaty and worn out then Harris has the solution for that too. Radiowave’s companion disc, the softer and more delicate Last Summer is being offered for free. It doesn’t get much better than this. Get in.

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