[LP] Monarchy – MONARCHY / AROUND THE SUN (w/ “Gold In The Fire”)

let’s paint you picture perfect, run around in the rain, building a magic castle, escape on our aeroplane

♫ Monarchy – Gold In The Fire

Weightless. Floating. Deep space breathing on your neck as a faint beat builds in the blackness. Suddenly the stars brighten and the sky is alive with lights as the planets swirl on the infinite horizon. That is kinda what it’s like to listen to “Gold In The Fire,” my latest favorite track off of Monarchy’s debut album. Well, that may not exactly be accurate…

Monarchy have not been an easy band to follow since debuting under a shroud of mystery nearly 2 years ago.Their debut self-titled album was slated for release last year (and possibly even was since I somehow have a copy of it) but they have since retreated to the drawing board, re-tooling the album and recently releasing under the name Around The Sun. The only difference I can tell is the addition of the track “I Won’t Let Go” which I am not going to argue with at all. The British due certainly went more polished and pop since their early demos but I feel like they have done it well. Like if Hurts were launched into space in a disco ball or something. Early attention grabbers like “Black, The Color of My Heart,” “The Phoenix Alive,” and “Love Get Out Of My Way” are all great, but album closer “Travelling By Ambulance” is a slow burn show stopper that deserves special mention. Get yourself some Monarchy, in whatever form you can, and catch them live as I hear that is a rarified treat.

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