[LP] NAKED AND FAMOUS are how i like my GIRLS and how i LIKE YOU

everything you say is higher, all the things that make you lighter

♫ The Naked And Famous – Girls Like You

After seemingly the whole world fell for The Naked and Famous’ breakout single “Young Blood” I was ready and willing to dive head over heels into their full length debut, Passive Me, Aggressive You. I’ve been sitting on the album for over two months now and each listen is a struggle to reconcile what went wrong. These Kiwi’s are often compared to MGMT and it seems that their similarities extend to their spotty debut LP as well. Of the 13 tracks, exactly 4 are fantastic and the rest seem to wander a bit, not knowing exactly what they are or how to turn themselves into infectious synth rock jams like “Young Blood,” “Punching In A Dream,” “All of This” or my hands down favorite, “Girls Like You.” If the whole album was on par with “Girls”‘spine-tingling slow build and epic apex of sing-along-ability then we would have a year topping LP on our hands. It’s definitely a disc that rewards repeated listens but it could have benefitted from some heavy editing and a tighter sonic direction. Meanderings into full distortion 90s grunge on tracks like “Spank” and “Jilted Lovers” and the unnecessary thrash in “A Wolf In Geek’s Clothing” just seem ill fitting and cause the albums final stretch to drag. Thank goodness they close things out with “Girls Like You,” reminding me that they have some serious skills and that hopefully their next album will benefit even more from them.

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  1. J Rich
    J Rich says:

    Young Blood and Punching in a Dream are the ones doing it for me. Your review is right on – such promise and still worth hearing, but the whole album doesn’t live up to the standout tracks.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait to get hold of this album. They’re touring the UK with Wolf Gang next month, awesome.

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