[LP] Patrick Wolf – LUPERCALIA (w/ “The Falcons”)

but you were down and out of luck, now side by side, we’re looking up. finally.

♫ Patrick Wolf – The Falcons

I have this theory about great film artists and their declining wise career choices coinciding with children (See: George Lucas, Eddie Murphy, Kevin Smith, etc). In the case of Patrick Wolf he is neither a filmmaker nor does he have any children but the big shift in his life leading up to Lupercalia was love, happiness, and stability. Potential creativity killers. Luckily for us (and him, I guess) quite the opposite seems to be true. Nestled comfortably in his new skin, Wolf has crafted an album so whole and radiant that his energy is palpable. Album Opener “The City” sits near the top of the Best Songs of the the year list with it’s enormous hooks and viral infectiousness. Album closer “The Falcons” rides a white tiger of soaring strings and dancing melodies that leave me reaching for repeat each time it ends. Even professional sour-pusses Hurts couldn’t really bring Wolf down on his other single “Time Of My Life” (below).

♫ Patrick Wolf – Time Of My Life (Hurts remix)

As for the rest of Lupercalia, it is just a pure joy to listen to these solid jams and feel the goodwill and talent of one of UK’s finest.

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