[LP] Peter and Kerry – LA TRIMOUILLE (w/ “Annie” + “Fifty In The $lot$”)


but all your sighing heavily and semi-silent mutterings are another guarantee that it’s too late to stop me

Peter & Kerry’s “Knees” is one of my favorite sad-sack breakup folk songs in recent years so it was a pleasant surprise to hear them pepping things up for the sonically fun yet still break-up-y “Split For The City.” The fun kept coming when months late I finally got my hands on their debut full length La Trimouille. The album takes the elements of “Knees” that made it so infectious and blends them with a variety of fun and quirky songs stylings and a dash of hip-hop delivery that all adds up to and endlessly pleasing album. Even though the lyrical content is often classically English and mopey I can’t help but smiling when I listen. (Leave it to the Brits to keep their razor wit even while falling out of love.) New LP favorites are the bouncy “Annie” and its perfect use of Peter & Kerry’s fantastic boy/girl vocal dynamic. The glitchy “Fifty In The $lot$” is another slice of subdued and sideways pop that tackles gambling addiction to the tune of an old-timey video game. Perfect.

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