[LP] Pompeya – TROPICAL (w/ “Tropical” & “Lazy” [Unreleased hidden track])

it’s all my fault

♫ Pompeya – Tropical

If an album is dropped in the woods and nobody is around to hear it then can it make a best of list? Yes. Of course. Especially if that album is released by one of my favorite Russian indie-tropical bands (refresh your Pompeya memory here). Why Pompeya’s debut album was self-released under minimal fanfare is a heartbreaking mystery as I think these guys have more talent going on than most of the chillwave poster-bands getting attention these days. Bendy funk beats slid between handclaps and far out guitars create a sonic world that wraps around my ears, transporting me to another dimension.

I’ve been spinning this album for a looong while now but was having the hardest time honing in on a song to highlight because every time I pressed play on the awesome opening track “Slaver” I basically dipped out of this reality until my iTunes finally went silent and I was rudely woken back up. The 9 tracks and 45 minutes of music passing like one perfect mixtape, seamless in it’s flow and rhythm. But enough of me whining about picking favorites! I’ve gone with the title track here because title tracks are usually cool, this one being no exception. Starting off with a little 80s radio jam soft guitar noodling we are quickly swept into full synth and magic mode. The only reason this track didn’t make it in my Tropical Assault mix is because it is already its own tropical assault mix.

♫ Pompeya – Lazy (unreleased hidden track)

Pompeya were kind enough to hook TBE up with an unreleased hidden track that they planned on releasing but couldn’t fit into the sequencing for Tropical. And fair enough, “Lazy” would have been too mellow and taken away from the medium pace aural safari that they settled on. On its own, however, its a nice little slice of midnight in garden of Pompeya funk.

Other Tropical highlighs obviously include the album versions of “Untitled” and “Cheneese” as well as new jams “Slaver” amd “90” and “Baby (Dady)” and and and…. the list goes on. Grab the album for free at their Soundcloud and then tell everyone you care about to do the same.

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