[LP] Sleeper Agent – CELABRASION (w/ “Get Burned”)

i’m not cold, i’m just a shakin’  and a little of your love keeps me a baking

♫ Sleeper Agent – Get Burned Sleeper Agent’s “Get It Daddy” is one of the most refreshing raucous singles of the year, rocking the Kentucky band to the forefront of guitar driven fun times. The video (below) is also one of the years best. The rest of the band’s debut LP Celabrasion continues the rocking goodness that one would expect, hurtling through 12 tracks of big hooks and sing along vocals that rarely beak the 3 minute mark. In these times of lo-fi chillwave mellow jams the raw energy of Sleeper Agent is much welcomed. “Get Burned” (above) and “Be My Monster” are my latest favorites. The album doesn’t redefine anything but it really doesn’t need too when its working the formulas so well. Sleeper Agent is just getting started. I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys’ sophomore effort is a top-ten contender.

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  1. Kevin Corcoran Jr
    Kevin Corcoran Jr says:

    Saw this band live a couple times, they’re great! really a fun band, both to listen and watch. They remind me of the rock bands that started out in garages across the country back in the day… :)

    anyway, like the others mentioned above me, for 5 bucks on amazon you really can’t go wrong picking up the new album!

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