[LP] The Fantasies – THE FANTASIES (w/ “Gimme Bubblegum!!!” & “Tammy The Tease”)

my elevation in the morning, my satisfaction starts in the evening

♫ The Fantasies – Gimme Bubblegum!!!

  • Who: Brett & James
  • What: Surfy garage pop, like Wavves, The Denzels, Art Imperial
  • Where: Northampton, Mass. + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: Their self-titled debut LP is out now and FREE.
  • Why: There are a lot of injustices in the world but one of the bigger ones has got to be that The Fantasies exist and only 89 people seem to care. Well, Facebook “likes” aside, these two massholes sure know how to channel the short and dirty magic of the coasts. Their songs bristle with energy and the simple production relays the raw talent at work. Their debut LP is the most fun 22 minutes I’ve had in forever. And thats 9 tracks! The Fantasies don’t wast anyones time and I love it.

♫ The Fantasies – Tammy The Tease

“Gimme Bubblegum!!!” (top) earns it’s exclamation points with a knee-buckling pace of jangly bounce that  is pure joy. Perfect for turning any frown upside down. And then putting it in a swimsuit! “Midnight Boogie” goes full spazz mode for a freight train of fuzzed out rock candy that will leave the ADHD set ready for a nap. “Tammy The Tease” (above) kicks back with a cold one and ponders the complexity of the fairer sex, showcasing The Fantasies talent with the softer jams. “Turn Me On” gets even tenderer. But enough play-by-play. The album is free and you are smart. Therefore you know what to do.

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