[LP] The Sweet Serenades – HELP ME (w/ “Can’t get enough”)

hard to leave when you look like that and are all ready for more

♫ The Sweet Serenades – Can’t get enough

  • Who: Martin & Mathias, the “woodsmen of indie pop.”
  • What: Scruffy indie pop, like Summer Camp, Nicky Blitz, Two Gallants
  • Where: Stockholm, Sweden + Facebook
  • When: Buy new LP Help Me! now.
  • Why: You may remember these handsome fellows from one of my top albums of 2009. The Sweet Serenades have one of those shaggy pop sounds that is just loose enough to keep my ears interested while maintaining enough pop sensibility get me addicted. First new single “Moving On” teased us with more of their signature handclaps and “ooh ooohs.” New single “Can’t Get Enough” is a familiar tale of of insatiable lust that prominently features a kazoo. ‘Cause thats just how these dudes roll. It also has a funny video. Get down with the rest of the album ASAP. “Run (Run Run)” is a badass bass jam, “Terminal 2” has a knee-slapping honkey tonk vibe, and “Bright Lights Big City” upgrades the traditional “ooh oooh” for the rarer “bom bom bom.” Well played.

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