[LP] Walk The Moon – I WANT! I WANT!

when my baby wears a dress it’s like she’s not even a human being

♫ Walk The Moon – Lisa Baby

If you missed Walk The Moon’s official song of the summer then here is your chance to redeem your ears. Walk the Moon are really amazing. Seriously. I couldn’t really handle how how good they were at The Great Escape and now, basking in their full album, I can’t really handle how good it is either. Bands this young are supposed to go through an album or two of growing pains before finding their stride and making jams this layered, catchy, and generally well formed. Their debut LP I Want! I Want! is nonstop sonic gold as they kick down the door with “Anna Sun” and then continue with the deeply funky and soulful “Lisa Baby.” I won’t even get into what happens between this and the album’s closer “I Can Lift A Car” because it’s too good to explain. If you like these tracks then you will love the rest. Can’t you just feel the neon colored adrenaline injection while you listen!?

♫ Walk The Moon – I Can Lift a Car

A song as buoyant and catchy as “Anna Sun” leaves Walk The Moon wide open for assumptions of one-hit-wonderdom but “I Can Lift A Car” grinds that notion to dust. The slow energy build combined with those harmonies make me tingle every time I hear it. The cycle of love lost and gained never sounded this good. Buy this album now. Here. And if you know anyone who likes upbeat and catchy indie pop jams then buy it for them too. They will thank you. Probably with home baked cookies. Oh, and if you buy the album from eMusic (like I did) you will get the awesomely squirrel-ly bonus track “William Blake.” So high pitched. So good.

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