[LP] WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE have an album YOU need to hear OR THE GANG of great songs will go sadly unloved

dark of night keep out, stay in at all cost, turn your lights out

♫ When Saints Go Machine – You Or The Gang

After falling hard for When Saints Go Machine’s “Fail Forever” just a few weeks ago I found out that they had a full album out and immediately tracked down a copy. Ten Makes A Face seems to have come out back in 2009 but never found widespread release, nor much blog traction. I am absolutely puzzled by both of those facts. These Danes have something immensely special going on with their haunting blend of creeping strings, oddball beats, and ghostly vocals. Their sound is eerie and beautiful in the best way and if “You Or The Gang” doesn’t sell you on their sonic voodoo then I feel bad for you, son. I got 99 problems but a late contender for a top album of the year ‘aint one. The album starts with the slow-to-break “Pinned” but once that simple beat kicks into the ambient sounds you know you are in for a ride. “Fail Forever” comes next, confirming that doubly. Then it’s off in a few different directions as When Saints play with huge drums (“New Elvis”), strobe-light dance music (“Spitting Image”), weirdo soundscapes (“Pick Up Your Tears And Run”), and even a sing along hand-clap number about a girlfriend (“Head Over Heartbeat”). The best thing about this variety? It all works, and well. I basically can’t stop listening to this album. Each song has something unique going on and the whole experience always ends too quickly. It looks like they will be releasing half of the 10 song album as the Fail Forever EP on Jan 31st so if you can’t find the whole LP then that is certainly a great place to start. And do start. Do.

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  1. Birkliks
    Birkliks says:

    This album is fantastic! I’ve also been puzzeled why it hasn’t gotten international cred a long time ago, I’ve had it for over a year now! But let’s hope some people see this and listen to the album!

  2. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    I just heard they are working on a new album due this year! But yeah, they should be hyping this whole album now, not just dropping an EP’s worth of tracks. Weeeird.

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