[LP] Yalls – YALLS (w/ “Please”)

oh no, i can’t think

♫ Yalls – Please

Not enough people are talking about Yalls and since the year is closing out it’s time to get one last endorsement in the ring for this Berkley beat-fruit tree. “Germs” is one of the years top tracks and the rest of Dan Casey’s name-your-price debut LP is more of the same weirdo magic. Although the phrase “more of the same” can’t really be applied here as Yalls’ music is pretty outside the box. Altered Zones called Yalls “zonked-ou beat-folk” and I think thats the best we are ging to get. So the next time you need an 18 part soundtrack for a coyote-drawn carriage ride through murmuring space-scapes turn to Yalls. And keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle.

Artist links: Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon