[LP] Yuksek – LIVING ON THE EDGE OF TIME (w/ “Off The Wall” & “On A Train”)

oh christmas lights, cruising like a pimp

♫ Yuksek – Off The Wall

It’s been over 2 years since I posted an original track from Yuksek but the French producer/performer has not been lazy. Many probably know his remixes more than his original stuff and he has been busy with tons of those. Perhaps that’s how his recent album almost flew under my radar. Why aren’t more blogs talking about these jams? Not fair to keep Yuksek to yourselves, France! The whole album is solid electro indie but I’m torn on my favorite track. “Off The Wall” gets a bit soulful with some acoustic guitar and an undulating bass line that keeps things bouncy while “On A Train” kicks things a little faster with a propulsive dance vibe that is pretty damn catchy. “On A Train” also takes itself literally in this odd video that features a sleeping Yuksek, a hot girl he totally misses out on talking to, and some other craziness happening in the background.

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