[LP/LIVE] Alt-J – AN AWESOME WAVE (w/ “Fitzpleasure”) + Live @ The Echo 8/1/12

tall woman, pull the pylons down, and wrap them around the necks of all the feckless men that queue to be next

♫ Alt-J – Fitzpleasure

After falling hard for “Breezeblocks” a few weeks back it’s been pretty much non-stop Alt-J around TBE HQ. Their debut album An Awesome Wave is clocking highly regular rotation and few people escape close proximity to me without having something played for them. “Tesselate,” “Fitzpleasure” and now “Matilda” are all growing on me strong. Even the interludes are magical. Needless to say, I was excited for their show on Tuesday. Excited but curious if they were going to pull off their sharp and angular sound in a live setting. The vocals especially could easily be lost in the mix, or even just not sung well. The suspense!

So that was a dumb worry. These guys killed it so hard I can’t remember a crowd so responsive and enthused by every musical moment. Watching the threads of each song unfold in front of your eyes brought new texture to the music, especially seeing that the drummer uses no symbols. Fuck em, I guess. Oh, and the vocals? Perfect. Every hushed yip and moan pushed from Gwil’s throat struck the back of the room clearly. So good. Anyway, go see them. They are on tour. And buy the album if you haven’t. An easy top contender for the Best Albums of The Year.

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