[LP/REMIX] Portugal The Man – IN THE MOUNTAIN IN THE CLOUD (w/ “So American” & “

he was born of all the mothers and the colors of our brothers and the love that we sent him

♫ Portugal The Man – So American

  • Who: John Gourley with Zachary, Noah, & Kyle.
  • What: Modern psych rock, like Baby Monster, Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground
  • Where: Portland, OR, via Wasilla, AK + Facebook
  • When: In The Mountain In The Cloud came out last year.
  • Why: Portugal The Man have been around for 6 albums (in 6 years!) and are continually underrated by people. Me included. I slept on this 2011 album for ages but have been recently been getting into it. I totally dug their last album American Ghetto but their weirdo psych sounds sometimes throw me and this one took a bit more massaging. “So American” is the solid first single but “Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now)”, “You Carried Us (Share With Me The Sun)”, and the repetitively titled “Share With Me The Sun” are my top 3. Get groovy.

♫ Portugal The Man – All My LIght (RZA Remix)

RZA is one dude who is actively not sleeping on Portugal The Man.

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  1. ted
    ted says:

    Glad you finally drank the kool aid, B.  I believe I told you 6 years ago how insane these guys were.  

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