MAN/MIRACLE are crafting some HOT jams worthy of SPRAWLing through your ears

the shape of things, the shape of things*

♫ Man/Miracle – Hot Sprawl

I’ll leave it up to you to interpret Man/Miracle’s decision to title their debut album The Shape Of Things along with cover art of “The Hotel Of Doom,” a.k.a. “The Worst Building In The World,” a.k.a. Ryugyong Hotel.** While you are pondering that, turn up your speakers and let “Hot Sprawl” rock you with it’s high-energy spazz-rock hooks. Man/Miracle are one of the latest acts to be praised by eMusic under their eMusic Selects program and after buying their album I firmly agree. The Shape Of Things is exuberant indie rock that is rough in all the right places and is a much more optimistic listen then the title/cover-art combo implies. “Hot Sprawl” is my definite favorite but other sweet jams like “Back Of The Card” and “Multitudes” are packed with frantically zippy instrumentation and vocals stylings that sound like a 2010 Talking Heads reunion sponsored by Red Bull. “Other People” slows the pace a bit and lets you hear the intricate craftsmanship coming from each instrument. If you like your rock loose, energetic and unselfconscious, then this is your album. Throw “Hot Sprawl” on repeat and read more about the Oakland, CA based band and their music in eMusic’s interview with frontman Dylan Travis.

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* Reeeaaaly hard to understand this dude’s singing. Any help here?

** Go here for a great article on the history behind the North Korean building/embarrassment.

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