Miike Snow are still a (weird) Animal


nobody knows it but me when i slip, yeah i slip

Miike Snow – Animal

Does our antlered furry friend here look familiar? Well that’s cause it’s the logo of Miike Snow, the Sweden/New York based trio of guys not named Mi(i)ke who remixed Vampire Weekend a few weeks back. I ran across “Animal” back then but was so focused on their remix magic that its infectious groove didn’t, well… infect. Fast forward to this past weekend where events out of my control thrust this song back to the forefront of my consciousness. “Damn,” I thought upon hearing it, “This is one of my favorite songs! Why can’t I remember who it is?” “Well dummy, that’s because it’s not one of your favorite songs! You totally ignored it and are only now grasping its awesomeness!” my subconscious yelled at me the next day when I finally tracked down its source. Now that my minds are on the same page they agree that you shouldn’t make the same mistake I did. They are also telling me to tell you that there are two great remixes available at Miike Snow’s RCRD•LBL page: a mind blower by Treasure Fingers and one by the Italo-awesome Crookers.

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