[MIX] SPRING, MY BELLE! /// A TBE Mix For Exploding Into Springtime

After months of gazing out the window and cursing the wintery grey sky we have finally been blessed with the warmth that thaws the bones in a most electric way. This is a mix for celebrating that moment that you open your front door and are slammed with the blinding sunshine that sparks your insides and makes you want to skip all the way to wherever you are going. I’ve kept in lean and mean at under an hour so add your own tracks as needed. Enjoy with reckless abandon.

[Thanks to TBE reader Scdance for suggesting the theme and to jonathan_uk and Savannah for contributing great tracks to this idea.]

For more jams by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!

1. ♫ Jukebox The Ghost – Hold It In

2. ♫ King Charles – Love Lust

3. ♫ Patrick Wolf – The City

4. ♫ Steel Train – Turnpike Ghost

5. ♫ Walk The Moon – Anna Sun

6. ♫ Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours (Passion Pit Remix)

7. ♫ Wolf Gang – Lions In Cages

8. ♫ Florrie – Call Of The Wild

9. ♫ The Good Natured – Wolves

10. ♫ Das Pop – Never Get Enough

11. ♫ Things I Never Told You – Happiness

12. ♫ BRONZE – Horses

13. ♫ Winter Gloves – Plastic Slides

14. ♫ Psychic Powers – Dreamboat (RAC Mix)

15. ♫ Joywave – Golden State

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  1. NappingDuck
    NappingDuck says:

    Hey man – sick ass mix! Really love the Cold War Kids, Anna Sun, and the Florrie. If you got a chance I put my own together a few weeks ago if you are interested: http://www.fairlycoherent.com/2011/04/spring-mix-2011.html

    If not, you should check out the songs Powa by tune-yards and War in Heaven by the Raveonettes. You’ll probably notice a few familiars songs on their that I found from TBE. Cheers.

  2. Marco Mo
    Marco Mo says:

    awesome compilation… right now I’m doing homework while watching the sun go down through a giant window… and this playlist has me banging my head from one side to the other… :D

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