MONAKR – “Calling Out”

On the heel of “Diamond”, Monakr are following up with second single “Calling Out”. The faint background chant of Oh Synthia has me thinking of the amazing Miike Snow‘s “Sylvia” and wishing their last album wasn’t such a bore and sounded a bit more like this but then I’m not so bummed because we have MONAKR right here and now and that is the moment that matters. The past is just a constructed illusion meant to keep us from reaching the future. I’m gonna write a sci-fi movie about that right now just so I can have “Calling Out” soundtrack the montage where the hero’s spaceship is hurtling towards the doomed planet where he has to rescue the girl and save the world.

“Calling Out” will be available 6/16 on M O N A K R ‘ S debut EP.

Calling Out