MONEYBROTHER is a BORN rocker who is UNDER appreciated. That’s A BAD thing. Someone needs to SIGN him in America..

what i gots gonna help me get what’s mine

♫ Moneybrother – Born Under A Bad Sign

Moneybrother is the solo project of Swede (surprise!) Anders Wendin and 2009’s Real Control is his 5th solo album. I haven’t dove into his back catalog yet but that’s only cause I have been too busy listening to Real Control. The bouncy piano-rock sing-along “Born Under A Bad Sign” turned me on to the album and luckily for us the whole thing is a great collection of jams. Moneybrother’s music is so immediately catchy and, for lack of a better word, big, that it’s hard to believe he hasn’t caught on outside of Europe. Mixing some of the better parts of rock legends like Elvis, The Clash, and Bruce Springsteen he seems tailor made for American classics like jukeboxes, convertibles, and optimism. If you like rock n’ roll and good times then I strongly recommend this albums because the fun doesn’t stop with these two gems. I also hear his live gigs are legendary so anyone in NYC on the 20th should catch him with Rhett Miller. Any Moneybrother fans wanna comment on his awesomeness and a favorite album of his?

♫ Money Brother – Here Comes The Vain Again

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  1. stegoe
    stegoe says:

    Yeah, Moneybrother is the Best… I just rediscovered him a few Weeks ago, after missing the last two Albums. Still really love his first two Records (Blood Panic & To Die Alone) and even liked the swedish one (Pengabrorsan).

    People, go out and listen to Moneybrother!

  2. j.ziegler
    j.ziegler says:

    I've been listening to this guy for a couple of years, and I can strongly recommend his “backcatalog” (though I, just as stegoe, haven't heard his latest albums)

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