[MP3] Act As If – “Oh My My”

stand still, i’m dying to meet you, i’ve finally caught my breath now i’ll take yours

♫ Act As If – Oh My My

  • Who: Peter, Diego, J. David, Sara
  • What: Indie pop rock, like XX
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook
  • When: Buy The Iron Is Hot EP now.
  • Why: This post was suppose to be up before Saturday’s charity event that Act As If rocked alongside Y Luv & Mind The gap but now I get to tell you how good they were live. Hopefully some serious touring is on the horizon for y’all! In the meantime bliss out to the delicious love-song sounds of “Oh My My” and pretend you are half as lucky as Peter in the official video. Then just try and keep this jam from creeping into your head throughout the day.