[MP3] BRASSTRONAUT tie SLOW KNOTS around our HEARTS with their TROMPET music

keep on sailing for that far shore cause it’s a tough world  when you’re fighting your own war

♫ Brasstronaut – Slow Knots

Brasstronaut was one of the many bands I wasn’t able to catch at The Great Escape but luckily Silence Killer caught them in Vancouver and I’ll have to live vicariously through his description of the band reaching “a whole new level of musical creativity (or chaos?), well beyond what your average pop, rock, or even jazz band are capable of.” The Canadian outfit is made up of a handful of classically trained musicians who play with mixing genres like jazz, electronica, and punk. “Slow Knots” does an ample job of laying their skills on the table but it’s their new single “Hearts Trompet” that really stops me in my tracks. A big bass line slips under perfect piano, horns, percussion and vocals to create a track that is simply beautiful. About half way through the whole things shifts gears into a bit of an epic build, leading me to want to summit my couch in some sort of slow motion triumph.

Brasstronaut – Hearts Trompet

Their latest album, Mount Chimera, is out now. I’ll be picking it up as soon as I get this flag to stay put and make it safely back to the floor.

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  1. Pernesto
    Pernesto says:

    Slow Knots is like.. noir set in the future with foggy streets and shiny metallic structures, I love it.

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