[MP3] Capital Cities – “Kangaroo Court”

the judge pulls me aside says c’est la vie, let your darker side come out to feed

♫ Capital Cities – Kangaroo Court

Oh man! You have no idea how hard it has been to sit on this jam and buy sale priligy canada not share it! Capital Cities are one of the best new bands going and their live show is a thing to cialis without prescription behold. This jam is a glitchy groove beast! Ride the horns! Even though Capital Cities stood us up for the TBE SXSW parties we ‘aint hating. The music is just too good and I will catch them in LA soon enough.

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  1. Sebu Simonian
    Sebu Simonian says:

    Brandon! Thanks for the writeup. We wanted to do your party!!! I don’t know what happened. Scheduling conflict? It would’ve have been so dope. You had one of the best lineups in all of SXSW! Hope you find it in your heart to forgive us! :-)

  2. Joel @ TBE
    Joel @ TBE says:

    Trust me.  We wanted you guys bad.  We were emailing with Ryan, but kind of lost communication with him.  Its all good though.  Just keep providing us with sweet tunes and we’ll be good.

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