[MP3] Carousel – “Lets’s Go Home” + “Where Have You Gone”

on my way, i’ll get you started, i’ll catch you, i know you’re falling

♫ Carousel – Where Have You Gone

  • Who: Kevin, Tyler, Jackson
  • What: Indie electronic grooves, like Passion Pit, Midi Matilda, Black Light Dinner Party
  • Where: Brooklyn, NY + Facebook
  • When: Their older 26 Allston EP is out now.
  • Why: Many things in life are better when tender. Meat. Love. Vittles. And in the hands of Carousel, music. “Where Have You Gone?” was my first taste of the bands and I immediately fell for the effortless blend of hushed vocals, pulsing synths, and slinky rhythms. Then I heard “Let’s Go Home” and it became clear these guys are no fluke. Listen to their 26 Allston EP and you’ll hear seeds of what they have blossomed into now.

♫ Carousel – Let’s Go Home