[MP3] Charli XCX – “I’ll Never Know”

i’ll build a rocket and i’ll fly through space just so that i can touch your picture perfect face

♫ Charli XCX – I’ll Never Know

  • Who: Charli
  • What: Pwr-grrl indie-pop, like Foxes, Marina & The Diamonds, Icona Pop
  • Where: London + Facebook
  • When: An EP sometime this year.
  • Why: Charli XCX dipped into my radar a few months back but her track “Nuclear Seasons” just didn’t do it for me. After discovering she wrote my new favorite song I checked her out again and found this jam “I’ll Never Know” which you should definitely know. I’m digging her upbeat bongo vibe way more than the dark-pop of “Nuclear Seasons.” Whatever happens on that EP this jam will be sticking with me all summer.
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