[MP3] Fixers – “Another Lost Apache” & Crystals”

we’re in season, we’re so happy

♫ Fixers – Another Lost Apache

  • Who: Jack, Jason, Christopher, Roo & Michael
  • What: Kinetic fun-pop, like Two Door Cinema Club, Walk The Moon, Gemini Club
  • Where: Oxford, UK + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: Pop Meat/Your Corruptor EP on 4/24 in US but UK gets full LP We’ll Be The Moon on May 14th! Weird.
  • Why: We’ve heard remix whiz RAC’s spin on Fixers before and it turns out their original stuff stacks up solidly as well. “Another Last Apache” kicks things off with a smooth harmony that leads to a big bouncing drum beat and kinetic grooves that go right under the skin. Summer anthem shoe-in.

♫ Fixers – Crystals

“Crystals” is another free track that just dropped today and brings a shinier beat to pump your ears full of fun. The rhythm is relentless but that just fine because there is no desire to take a break from it. I want more!

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