[MP3] Frida Sundemo – “Indigo”

oh, please don’t let it go, oh, don’t you let it go to waste

  • Who: Frida
  • What: Synth girl-pop, like Robyn, Icona Pop,
  • Where: Gothenburg, Sweden + Facebook
  • When: The “Indigo” single is out next year.
  • Why: “Indigo” is one of those jams that seemed alright enough at first listen. The groove was good, the vocals catchy, the video engaging enough (with a twist!). But then I listened again. And again. And before I knew it this damned song was bouncing through my mind at all hours of the day. I only hope she is referring to Indigo children. (‘Cause that would be rad for UYD nation.) Anyway, get into this one so I’m not the only one humming it in the supermarket.