[MP3] Geographer – “Life of Crime”

this life was made for something, but it wasn’t you and i, we all were born from nothing, and we will never die

♫ Geographer – Life Of Crime

  • Who: Mike, Nathan, Brian
  • What: Big hook rock, like Ra Ra Riot, Walk The Moon, Passion Pit
  • Where: San Francisco, CA + Facebook
  • When: New LP Myth is out now.
  • Why: Besides my insane love affair with “Kites” I never really got into the rest of Geographer’s stuff. That may all be changing now as “Life of Crime” is getting some serious play these days. It’s a big room filler with spacey synths and a huge beat. The kind of song that stomps its way through your mind, leaving a deep footprint. Time to dive into Myth! ANd catch the video for “Kites” as another excuse to groove out to that one.
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