[MP3] GHOST HEART play music for the WILDERNESS of our times

sweep all the broken pieces underneath the rug, wash your hands of all the dust and shards and blood, remember that this is something only we will know

♫ Ghost Heart – Wilderness

After a patch of relative warmth here in Warsaw, the weather finally gave way to tradition and dusted the city with a layer of snow last night. “Wilderness” is the kind of song you want to be listening to as you gingerly hop-step your way between overgrown snowflakes and slushy puddles. The drums drive the song as the floaty guitars and lilting vocals sway along. Before you know it you’ve been swept away and are caught in the beautiful and tender world of Ghost Heart.

The Grand Rapids, Michigan based quartet will release their debut LP The Tunnel on Jan 29th and the two other tracks I’ve heard are both gems as well. Delicate and soulful music for harsh and unforgiving times. I look forward to getting into the rest of the album.

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