[MP3] GOLDROOM is not captian MORGAN’S band but you can certainly enjoy it with some rum or in a BAY

i see your face in a mask of sunshine, what if it was yours

♫ Goldroom – Morgan’s Bay

OK, try this description on for size. Tell me how this hits the back of your ear holes. “Laid back island disco from Los Angeles.” If social security documents didn’t have a 23 character limit on middle names then that would definitely be mine. Oddly enough, it also applies to Goldroom. “Morgan’s Bay” slides out of the harbor on the breeze of some crisp percussion and loose guitars, instantly transporting me to a million different places that are not this desk. Toes in the water and face to the sun I drift in it’s currents, content to wash up on whatever shore may come. Bring it on, Morgan. You and your bay. All Morgan’s aside, Goldroom is actually Josh Legg. His other crew, Nightwaves, have been featured by TBE before but now Legg is out on his own. Goldroom’s blend of live instrumentation and mellowed out disco funk are as juicy and welcomed as an oversized peach on one of these hot pre-summer days. Feel free to toss that pit off the bow.

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