[MP3] Hannes Fischer – “A Love Like This” & “Cold Blood (Hannes Fischer Edit)”

anymore it doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong, we’ve been injuring each other for much too long

♫ Hannes Fischer – A Love Like This

We know Hannes from his legendary chart-topping remixes and now he has taken a vocal sample and added all his own production. “A Love Like This” evokes some recent great 90s remixes with its blend of Something For The People’s “My Love Is The Shhh” vocals with Hannes’ slow burn late-night funky grooves. Hannes also did a little work on an old country jam to come up with “Cold Blood.” It’s a beautiful piece of music he has crafted around the great vocal sample. Keep an eye on this guy for sure…

♫ Hannes Fischer – Cold Blood (Hannes Fischer Edit)