[MP3] Jellyfish Brigade – “Sunflowers”

was in a hurry to grow but i been changing my mind and learning how to take it all in a day at a time

♫ Jellyfish Brigade – Sunflowers

Today is Thanksgiving and I can’t think of a better track to tie to the holiday than the groove-hop magic of “Sunflowers.” Portland’s Jellyfish Brigade are new to my ears and I am certainly thankful that I have heard them now. Reading the band’s story about the song shows another kind of thanks:

“Sunflowers” was created after a summer of running through the woods, jumping off of cliffs and bridges, lying with loved ones, starting fires, releasing our debut project Gills and a Helmet and growing vegetables.  Somewhere in the midst of all these happenings, we decided to write a couple songs about the fun we were having.

Thanks for summer, thanks for sun, thanks for friends, and thanks for fun. Thanks Jellyfish Brigade. Their debut EP Gills and a Helmet is out now at their Soundcloud.

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