[MP3] Little Boots – “Every Night I Say A Prayer”

we all make mistakes, i wanna walk beside you, i’ve gotta keep the faith

♫ Little Boots – Every Night I Say A Prayer

I used to love Little Boots. Then her album Hands came out. And now I guess Little Boots wants to be Madonna. It’s in that album art. It’s in the club anthem lyrics. It’s in the uninspired gay-pandering video (except this part). And it’s in the polished-edge vibe of everything about her these days. But I’m not mad at it. I’ll definitely take a tiny English version of Mads over the real thing.

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  1. Barrett
    Barrett says:

    I always felt like she was trying to be more Goldfrapp than Madonna. But when her mess of an album I wasn’t surprised just given all the talk that surrounded Dead Disco and their alleged reliance on production teams.

  2. Barrett
    Barrett says:

    Dead Disco was a trio Little Boots was a part of before she became Little Boots. (Okay stuff. “Automatic” is a good song.) There were all these rumors that they couldn’t put out an album because they were propped up by their producers’ talents and not their own. Because of that, I wasn’t surprised her album was overproduced. But there was also chatter about the group fighting too much, which is more likely given they broke up. Who knows? Internet hens be cluckin’.

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