[MP3] MASTERS IN FRANCE programed the A.I. in their MADHATTER robot of rock

we’re not made of stones, we can all behave like we did when we were too young to care

♫ Masters in France – A.I.

Unhh, yeah. Gotta love that bass intro. Kick in the guitar riffage and we’ve got ourselves a bonafide jam! The Welsh band (no, not actually French) have been simmering with some radio play in their native UK but I say it;s about time this pot boiled over to the rest of the planet cause I’m hearing some serious promise here. “Mad Hatter” further confirms this with more swinging rock hooks and slippery grooves.

♫ Masters In France – Mad Hatter

The bands write in both English and Welsh so we can all look forward to picking up a bit of their local language as we tackle songs like “Yn y Ddinas” (some help, anyone?). Learning may not get much more fun!

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