[MP3] Nicky Blitz – “Blast Off”

when you’re talking on the telephone you don’t mumble, you got business, need to follow through

  • Who: Nick himself
  • What: Tropical rockabilly, like Sweet Serenades, Fang Island, The Danks
  • Where: Los Angeles / Miami + Facebook
  • When: The Mrs. Paradise EP is out soon.
  • Why: With apparent ties to TBE faves (& SXSW party alums) ANR, Nicky Blitz is already coming correct. Turn up the volume on “Blast Off” high enough and the correctness gets up and dances a jig with a toothpick in its mouth and a switchblade in its hand. Steel drums, kazoo, and razor sharp whistling decorate the main course of guitar and drums for the perfect summer meal.

And then there is this clip. As if with a name like “Nicky Blitz” his badass-ness was in any question…

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