[MP3] Plushgun – “Waste Away”

you make a show of it but now your boyfriend’s back i’m incidental

♫ Plushgun – Waste Away

  • Who: Dan Ingala and Matt Bogdanow
  • What: Anthemic rock pop, like Fun., Gambit, The Concept
  • Where: Brooklyn + Facebook
  • When: New LP Me. Me. is out now.
  • Why: Plushgun is another one of those bands that never quite made the TBE cut but are now back and better than ever. “Waste Away” is one editing class away from an epic 80s movie coming of age montage that would include lame dads, fast cars, cute girls, and a bike race at the railroad tracks that ends in… well, I really shouldn’t say. Lets just say there is a kiss involved.