[MP3] QUIT YOUR DAYJOB have an ENVIRONMENTAL approach to meeting their carnal needs

i wanna f*ck the sunshine

♫ Quit Your Dayjob – Environmental

The lyrics say it all in this 90 second blast of spazzy rock music. Quit Your Day Job want to get it on and they want to do it with the original MILF: Mother Nature. It’s hard to argue with a sentiment this concisely put. The jangly guitar, bass, and drums just drive the point home even nicer. This Swedish band has been around since 2000 and their goal is to sound “like an unholy cross between Kraftwerk and Sex Pistols with a little heavy metal posing to top it off.” Hell yeah. Their latest album World Domination is out soon and with song titles like “Drunk All Over The World,” “Joan Of Ass,” and “Say It Loud I’m A Freak And I’m Proud,” you know I’m gonna be all over it.

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