[MP3] TEAM ME have a DEAR of a jam and a wombat SISTER to boot

i guess i fell in love with that state of mind

♫ Team Me – Dear Sister

This is a song for getting a little twitchy to. If you don’t know what I mean then catch “Team Me” live and you will. Urgent “oohs”, propulsive percussion, and harmonies that could melt butter all get turned to 11 as this Norwegian sextet pumps the song full of all the energy in their vibrating bodies. I was lucky enough to witness it all go down at The Great Escape and it this track along with their moving slow jams just confirmed my suspicion that these guys are up to something special. Keep an eye out for more, like their new single “Weathervanes & Chemicals.” Oh, and if you do see them live, try to take your eyes off the delightfully spazzy girl in the group. She is Tord from The Wombats’ sister and talent clearly runs in the family.

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