[MP3] The Damn Dogs – “Love”

i bet you think i was never gonna face you, you were the cover story now you’re the fool

♫ The Damn Dogs – Love

If you are anything like me then you remember Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” as the most painful experience of the early 2000s. Well, ok, perhaps that too harsh. The most painful would be “Cold Hard Bitch.” (Pitchfork’s review of Get Born is still one of the funniest pieces of reading on the internet.) So it’s a damn pleasant surprise to have members from Jet form a new project and have the thing sound great. The Damn Dogs are swimming in familiar Jet waters but the sound is looser and more crunchy. Same whiney vocals but somehow now they aren’t as grating. “Love” is perfect prep music to get my blood pumping on a Friday night.

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