[MP3] The Danks – “Automocar”

i can’t do nothin’ right, you can’t stay up all night

♫ The Danks – Automocar

  • Who: Brohan Moore, Alec O’Hanley. Plus Andre & Phil.
  • What: Catchy garage rock, like The Strokes, The Fantasies, Fast Years
  • Where: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada + Facebook
  • When: LP Are You Afraid of The Danks is out May 22nd.
  • Why: Prince Edward Island, Canada, is not known for it’s rock scene but that may be changing. The Danks are channeling some rock magic on “Automocar” that will surely have them shredding newer pastures soon.
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  1. […] have already heard, loved, and appropriately rocked out to “Automocar” but it is now clear that The Danks have much more than just one jam up their Canadian sleeves. […]

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