[MP3] THINGS I NEVER TOLD YOU bring me immense HAPPINESS and i’m sure they will bring the same to you and your NEIGHBOUR

believing is better, believing is tough, but not when i’m in between your legs

♫ Things I Never Told You – Happiness

Ummm.. so this is like the best thing I’ve heard in a loong time. Things I’ve Never Told You are an East London trio who started out making music together by soundtracking the gay porn series Indie Boyz. After being asked to tone down their jams a bit “so people could concentrate on the fucking” they formed the band as an outlet for the real stuff. Now we get to concentrate on the dancing! And it’s going to be hard not to. First single “Happiness” is instant groove-juice, slipping around my limbs and pulling them in a variety of funky ways. Can we get this on a karaoke machine soon? Aside from a total party starter, that chorus is epic sing-along material. A true love song.

♫ Things I Never Told You – Neighbour (Started Loving James)

“Neighbor” is the best unrequited gay love story set to elastic dance music I’ve heard in ages. Instant finger snapping and head bobbing ensue every time I hear it. If you have a neighbor named James I highly recommend you play this song at high volume.

Aside from opening for Kele last year, Things I Never Told You are quite unknown and still toiling away in the London scene. I hear their live show is something to behold so catch that if you can. With tracks like this in their sets I’d be really surprised if they don’t start filling up bigger venues soon.

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