[MP3] W. Pontonen – “Come Smile”

in the morning when the night has died i forget just where i’ve been

♫ W. Pontonen – Come Smile

  • Who: Miike Snow‘s Pontus Winnberg
  • What: Drum beat grooves, like Miike Snow, Karlsson & Winnberg, Lykke Li
  • Where: Stockholm, Sweden + Facebook
  • When: W. Pontonon has only released this under that name.
  • Why: Crafting some sort of alternate reality mashup, Winnberg has rubbed Lykke Li’s “Come Near” together with Smile‘s “Clean Gloves, Dirty Hands” and cooked up this jam. Its unclear whether Pontonon is a real project or a one off for this track. What is sure is Sweden’s INGRID collective contains Winnberg, Lykke, and members of The Teddybears and Peter Bjorn and John and they are gearing up for action.