[MP3/RMX] Yalls – “Germs” & “Weave It” (Famuel Remix)

there’s people out here doing much worse time

♫ Yalls – Germs

I’m really liking the weirdness going on here. All squelchy and crunchy with distorted bits that somehow all fit together oh so nicely. From MJ MJ Records, the same guys that brought us Galapagos, comes Yalls. The California based genius of Dan Casey has put out a few EPs this year and is now compiling them into an album that is available only on tape only through MJ MJ. So thats a reason for all of you driving old clunkers to celebrate! Another reason to celebrate is this great Famuel remix of “Weave It” which adds a little sunset buter to Yalls toasty jam. Alright, time for me to dive into that album!

♫ Yalls – Weave It (FAMUEL Remix)

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