[MP3/VIDEO] Bottled In England – “Change”

still you wanna know how i see things, i think the ship sinks, i think we’re falling apart

♫ Bottled In England – Change

  • Who: August Dyrborg on drums & Daniel Vognstrup on bass.
  • What: Live’n’direct drum’n’bass, like Japandroids + Jungle Brothers + Cry Wolf
  • Where: Copenhagen, Denmark + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: Singles, remixes, & mixtapes for now.
  • Why: Don’t let the name fool you, this icy body bender was hand crafted in Denmark. I’ve been hearing rumbling about this duo for some time but never had a song really grab me until “Change.” Something about that tense creeping rhythm that perfectly matches the slowly undulating vocals. And then there is the great video! Oh, kids… Always under-dressed in the winter!

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  1. Arletta
    Arletta says:

    Yep, my “Dane-o-phile” gene says they are 100% Danish :) But they are also so crazy live that they might be taken for
    Polish people :) You should check out yourself – they on a Bottlemania 2012 tour now and… Europe’s not that far away from the USA… ;) 

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