[MP3/VIDEO] The Remainers – “House”

i don’t know how else to tell you, there ain’t no other way around 

♫ The Remainers – House

  • Who: Nate, Frank, Jason, & Kaumyar.
  • What: Big hook rock, like The Killers, Patrick Wolf, Neon Trees
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon
  • When: Debut EP Formal Fridays is out now.
  • Why: Fire up that video below and dive into a real-life Toy Story that is sure to bring you waaay back to the good ol days. All the old classics are there! And even though The Killers aren’t nearly as old as G.I. Joe there is still an element of that sound that fuels the nostalgia trip. Plus it’s catchy as hell.

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