Nicky Blitz- “ALEX”

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It’s been too long since we have heard from Nicky Blitz but thank goodness LA’s resident genre-dodger is back with a new jam. “Blast Off“ was a balls to the wall party starter that was perfect jumping on beds with too much caffeine pumping through your veins. “Alex” on the other hand, is a more subdued and subtle affair. A banjo, a xylophone, and a tender hearted man tell the tale of nervous seduction in the big city. I’ve seen what else is in store from Blitz and I can tell you now it is very good things. Stay tuned to this guy.

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  1. gtg5017
    gtg5017 says:

    Seriously enjoying this tune. The vocals are mesmerizing, and i actually dig the banjo (which is very rare).-Graham

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