OONA – “Kaleidoscope”

[soundcloud id=’50547049′]

Los Angeles’s Oona have this written on their Soundcloud for “Kaleidoscope” and since I’m too busy rocking the F out I will just let you read it.

The dance-pop of your dreams. Like you’re riding the subway in a mystical place surrounded by podbots and there you are, in your second hand garb, dripping with plastic pearls and gaudy rhinestones, blasting this hi-energy, super sonic medicine, an uncture for your ills, ill for your unction, and your toes are tapping, your mind is racing, your heart is standing still. It’s the ultimate collaboration, the penultimate trip, the radical manifestation of what you’ve been thirsting for all along and have only just found out.

“let’s Go-O-O!” Ok, now I’m sweaty…