Lauren Ruth Ward – “Sideways” // Stephanie Singleton

“Sideways” blasts you with a country-twanged indie rock sound from the get-go as Lauren uses her powerful, unique, and sultry vocals to win you over throughout the track. If Courtney Barnett and Elle King had a baby and she grew up to be a musician, it would be Lauren Ruth Ward.

Peter Gyurko – “Laniakea” // Noopur Choksi

“Laniakea” is a modern track that is draped in sounds from the 1970s. Beautiful, lush guitar work and swirling instrumentation behind it provides a Pink Floydian disconnect from reality, letting you slip fully into the track. Entrancing, thought-provoking, and nostalgic to boot — this track is not one to miss out on.

Tremor – “Resplandor” // Kelsey Beckett

Tribal, moody, and inexplicably catchy. This track puts you in a trance as beautiful sounds grace your ears. Gonna get real nerdy with this one right here, but there’s a part of it that reminds me of one of my favorite tracks off the Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack, “Cosmo Canyon”, so immediately I feel misplaced, but appreciated, nostalgia. In fact, this track could have been used as the background music for that area and I would have been totally content with that.

nokillshelter – “Brigitte” // Broken Fingaz

A sultry, jazzy, and borderline trip-hoppy listen that will get your mind moving and/or your feet shuffling. Sampling Brigitte Bardot only adds to the moody sexy atmosphere of the track.

Lawrence Lui – “Honey So Blue (chimes & tremolo)” // So Youn Lee

This undeniably catchy tune by Lawrence Lui jumps between genres so frequently that you never really get comfortable, which is a good thing, because every “phase” of this song is excellent. Skipping blissfully between downtempo electronic, drone, and indie pop, he weaves a heavily textured tapestry of sound that does more than just pique curiosity, it downright pleases the ears.

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benhurzz – “artesian” // Juan Travieso

No matter how many I hear, I always have room in my heart for chilled out, lo-fi hip-hop instrumentals. benhurzz’s “artesian” piqued my interest because it very clearly draws influence from Brazil, which is my favorite area of World Music. Relaxing and a downright pleasure to listen to, this is one that could be on loop for a while.

Morgan Saint – “Just Friends” // Boris Pelcer

A bluesy, sultry vocalist, Morgan Saint confidently tap-dances with her vocals over an extremely welcoming, and catchy beat. “Just Friends” explodes in the chorus with sensational pop vibes, and makes you want to sing along even before you know all the words. A pop anthem for a generation that sheds the generic quality of what’s on the radio in favor of some unique indie cred.


Spencer Lee Band – “Kissing Tree” // Lauren Brevner

Indie rock that has been shotgun blasted with soul and an occasional country twang. Buttery vocals drench “Kissing Tree” as it confidently serenades you with incomprehensibly catchy, soulful sounds. If you’re prepared for a throwback with a modern edge, this will be your jam.