Van Bobbi – “Vicious Appetite” // “Morro Bay” JNL Remix

Sounding something like Hall & Oates meets future RnB production, Van Bobbi is back with the that genre defying Pop sound he’s becoming known for.

“Vicious Appetite is about being trapped by the anxiety that comes with being a creative person in LA. It’s like a relentless lover that keeps you up at night..and in bed all day, whispering un-sweet nothings in your ear.”

Bonus: Check out JNL’s remix of Van Bobbi’s “Morro Bay“.

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Aleksander Kostopoulos – “Kusolda” // Art: Disa Wallander

Aleksander Kostopoulos’ “Kusolda” sits somewhere between the more grandiose moments of Mogwai and the softer sections of Sigur Ros. A delicate piano line leads much of the piece, with falsetto vocals flowing between the keyboards and shifting drums. The song self-describes as “ambient”, but there’s a lot of energy here in the way that a flowing river sits in the background even as it exhibits powerful, natural force. Expect more good things from Kostopoulos and his emotive musical style.

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Bluestaeb – “Left & Right” // Art: Adrien Mauduit

“Left & Right” is pure cosmic funk built around a deep, teetering bassline with plenty of glimmering textures to shoot you up to the stars. Midway through we’re treated to an extra layer of groove before returning to the core idea, a chance to flex your dance moves. Then, just as suddenly, Bluestaeb gives us a slice of mellow, funky house that would be at home on the decks with cuts from Jack J or Pender Street Steppers. Put this on at your cocktail party, but don’t be surprised if you’ve suddenly got a dancefloor on your hands.

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Cloud – “Heartfluttered” // Art: Vera Shimuna

Come quick! It sounds like The Flaming Lips are playing backing band while White Fence sings about the wonderfully awkward and terribly beautiful moment of becoming intimate with someone for the first time. Or maybe this is a new single from Cloud! The guitars are right out of Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, with an ample helping of shred during the instrumental break. You’ll want to bring that special someone with you: “Heartfluttered” is all tender swaying and holding hands as you’re rocked slowly into bliss.

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FOX GRIN – “Memoria” // Art: Linda Brownlee

With plenty of soft 80’s arpeggiated synths and airy vocals, light as a summer breeze, “Memoria” is (appropriately) steeped in nostalgia. Fox Grin’s dream pop is saturated in pleasant tones, but “Memoria” is also buoyant and active. If you use it as the soundtrack to daydreaming, you’ll want to do it in motion: try listening as you wander through a market or traipse along the beach. After all, the chorus is all about “loving life”. Fox Grin wants you to go out and do itRead more

Krrum – “Waves” // Art: INO

A male & female vocal duet, pulsing synths, and the force of a full electronic drumline – “Waves” is an onslaught of energy. Krrum’s maximalist production is perfect to power you through the last half-mile of your run, to pump you up before your big meeting, or to get you ready for a night out you won’t forget. Despite the million-elements-per-minute, Krrum is careful to sculpt out space for everything in the song, so you can hear each frantic snap-click, each syncopated kick drum, and each swell of vocal harmony.

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Sad Hill – “New Warden” // Art: Kaye Blegvad

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