Charles Fauna – “Wait To Come Over” // Art: OZMO

Charles Fauna recently released a new groundbreaking single titled “Wait To Come Over”, whose synth-heavy production brings to mind Empire Of The Sun or Sam Sparro. The production of this track is rich and detail-oriented, but the focus is on the song itself – meaning that this is more than a throwaway dance track, it’s a piece of music that will last well beyond the intial release hype. I can’t wait to see what Charles Fauna has in store for us.

To hear Charles Fauna’s previous project, Paideia, check out “Restless Child” on VINYL MOON Volume 014: From The Window.

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Mocky – “HOW IT GOES” // Art: Drew Mosley

Mocky is all about creating infectious dance/funk numbers with a unique and lush feel. “How It Goes” is a stunning production, which combines a wide variety of genres and sonic aesthetics into one single package.

This song is immediately outstanding for its killer bass line, as well as fantastic guitar playing. The vocal samples are playful and direct, really matching the vibes of the song in a unique way.

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Julietta – “Hard Love” + “Smooth Sailing” // Art: Tauba Auerbach

Julietta brings it on her most recent single, “Hard Love”, a synth-pop anthem on par with Robyn. The minimalistic, yet rich and nuanced drum machine tones are absolutely perfect to fill up the space and bring some size to the tracks. The same goes for the synth chords and melodic swells, drenched in chorus and modulation. Don’t forget the arena-ready hook. Get your lighters ready for that massive final chorus.

Then be prepared to slow things down with the certified jam “Smooth Sailing”. Starting with thick, plucky synthbass before exploding into bright-as-the-sun pop euphoria, it’s a gem that’s ready for all your poolside needs.

Speaking of bodies of water – ’tis the season to revisit Julietta’s excellent “Beach Break,” featured on VINYL MOON Volume 021: Pink Portals.

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Lion, Meet Lizard – “To the first day of summer” // Art: Oskar Zieta

Channeling downtempo electronica, hip-hop, and post rock all at once, “To The First Day of Summer” is appropriately sunny and feels like a horizon opening wide before your eyes. Synths and drums provide pulsing rhythms, while the guitars, drenched in beautiful layers of reverb and delay effects, bring to mind the vastness of Explosions In The Sky.

Keep your summer playlist going with Lion, Meet Lizard’s “Relief Washes Over Me In An Awesome Wave”, found on VINYL MOON Volume 031: The Nature Of Inner Space.

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Amilli – “Rarri” // Art: Martin Parr

Cool 808 style beats meld with minimalistic electric piano / synth melodies, along with simple, yet effective guitar tones. In addition to that, Amilli has a really nice and warm voice, which is able to cover a broad spectrum. From soothing melodic lines to near-rap flow, she gives us a takedown of luxury-obsessed culture.

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Melo-Zed – “Still Hungry feat. Emmavie” // Art: Jim Bachor

“Still Hungry” really pushes the boundaries when it comes to creating exciting grooves, exploring the possibilities of different percussions merging together. Such a dense and intricate layer of percussive sounds is tough to pull off in a mix, but in this case, it is absolutely perfect, merging seamlessly with the flowing melodies and the velvety-smooth vocal harmonies.

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Remix Roundup 76 – [Part 1.] – Whethan, Emilia Ali, DUAN, and Bayonne!

I’m back kids. In case y’all don’t remember me (Joel), I used to run these here Remix Roundups. I won’t bore you with my life story, but lot has happened since then… I started the nationwide party “Dance Yourself Clean“, a record label “Lights & Music Collective“, and a music project w/ a couple friends called “Back Talk” (see remix in part 2). That’s great and all, but we all know you’re here for the music, so lets get to it. Below are a gaggle of remixes I’ve been listening to over the past six months or so. Part 1 of 2.