Charles Fauna – “Something Human” // Art: Karla Hiraldo Voleau

Charles Fauna’s stunning Eulogy EP is out now and should be on repeat for a long while.

For more Charles Fauna, listen to “Restless Child” from his previous project PAIDEIA, featured on VINYL MOON Volume 014: Through The Window.

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Kyson – “Every High” // Art: Reuben Wu

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Noble Oak – “Stare Into You” // Art: Route 55

“Shimmering” is the word at hand with Noble Oak’s newest track, “Stare Into You”. You can almost hear ripples in the bright synths are they undulate throughout the song, while uplifting electric guitar provides the melody above beds of piano chords. It’d be calming enough to be spa music if not for the crisp house drums that keep things active and moving.

“Stare Into You” is the newest from the Vancouver-based Noble Oak, a release hot on the heels of his full-length, Collapsing Together, which came out just a year ago. If you can’t get enough (and who could blame you?), take another listen to “All I Said” from VINYL MOON Volume 014: From The Window.

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Common Tiger – “The Paisley Agreement” // Art: Carl Oliver Ander

Common Tiger’s newest release “The Paisley Agreement” is a lush and spirited number that will delight the senses with its entrancing production values. 

“The Paisley Agreement” is the perfect soundtrack for nighttime drives or entertaining friends at home. It has a chilled and ambient quality that immediately sets the atmosphere in the room. Elements of downtempo and trip-hop mean lots of little surprises along the way – and lots to discover on repeat listens.

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