Colin Magalong – “Bodies In A Room” // Art: John Larriva

If “Bodies In A Room” doesn’t motivate you out of your chair then they bass might just slap you out of it. Colin Magalong has that perfect mix of funk, disco, and pop that makes this a top weekend jam. Get weird.



Bodies In A Room

Adam French – “You From The Rest” + Millencolin cover // Art: David Gomez Maestre

“You From The Rest” is a shuffling and soulful groover from Adam French who clearly has the talent.  He also has impeccable taste as we see from his cover of Millencolin’s seminal (to me at least) “No Cigar”. Get into all the side of Adam French.

Cautious Clay – “Stolen Moments” + “French Riviera” // Art: Daniel Kordan

Cautious Clay is on a mission to steal your girl and while he is at it will likely steal you too. His soulful and soothing beats along with his sultry voice makes me fine with it all. His Blood Type EP is out now and he already dropped a new jam “French Riviera” from a new EP coming soon. Get into it.

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The Supreme Jubilees – “It’ll All Be Over (YETA rework)” // Art: Ray Collins

As if the original track from The Supreme Jubilees wasn’t smooth enough, YETA just rubbed it down with lotion and set it in the sun for an hour. It is now hot, slippery, and ready for a dip in the ocean.

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Individualist – “WaWaNe” // Art: Victo Ngai

If there are four words that best describes Individualist’s WaWaNe, it would be: H&M, summer, and good vibes. WaWaNe gives you that feeling of a great shopping experience and the feeling of paradise all in one. Good thing summer is right around the corner. Go pick out that summer outfit and have yourself some chill vibes.

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Riah – “Prom” // Art: Julie Gautier

“Prom” is an apt title for a song that channels muted pastels, magenta lights from above, and slowdances where neither partner is quite sure of themselves. Riah’s insistent chorus of “Don’t wanna call, but I’m thinking bout you” is the perfect blend of teenage maturity and melancholy. Best of all, it applies no matter how many years past prom you might be.

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Koresma, Feverkin, Sendai Mike – “Bluff” // Art: Michelle Kingdom

In the last minute of “Bluff”, we get vague outlines of a string section that might have been, and it’s a moment where the outline makes a much bigger impact than the full element would. Complete with a smoldering bassline, this three-way collaboration is a perfect accompaniment for walking through knee-high snow, cruising home after a long day, or any other activity that involves putting one foot in front of the other. And it’s a collaboration we hope to hear more from.

You can get more of Koresma by listening to “Forest Sang” as found on VINYL MOON Volume 031: The Nature of Inner Space.

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Mating Ritual – “Light Myself On Fire” // Art: Ashley V. Blalock

Mating Ritual’s raucous campaign for mayors of Swagger-town continues with the title track to their just released LP Light Myself On Fire. It’s an explosion of grit, groove, and confidence and should be at the top of any playlists withe terms like “pre-gaming”, “tacos”, or “The Backyard Scientist”.

ALSO, we’re releasing Light Myself On Fire on vinyl through Vinyl Moon which is about as exciting as things can get. Pre-order it here.