i don’t wanna get a job, i don’t wanna be a man

♫ Emanuel and The Fear – Jimme’s Song (Full Band Version)

Emanuel and The Fear had one of 2009’s most uplifting and vibrant rock jams with “The Rain Becomes The Clouds” (TBE post). Judging by that song’s epic quality you might expect the band’s debut album to be equally hinge-busting. And judging from the way I phrased that last sentence you might expect me to tell you that it isn’t. Well, it isn’t. At 19 tracks, 15 of them full songs, Listen is a bit sprawling. Frank, over at Audio Muffin, says it best when he talks about his own surprise at the album’s “rock opera”-ness but goes on to say:

Not to say that there aren’t a ton of solid tracks, and if you like musicals and indie music, this is going to be right up your alley. But I think I was looking for something a bit more… mind-blowing.

Amen. Frank pretty much nails my feelings about Listen on the head so I’ll let you read his full post for more on the album. I’m here to talk about “Jimmie’s Song,” that track up top that is luckily long enough to have sound-tracked you reading all the way down to here. Decidedly mellower (and then heavier) than “The Rain Becomes The Clouds” it shone on their EP but at 8 minutes it prevented itself from becoming a listening staple. Luckily the album version has been pared down to 5:24 which leaves me reaching for repeat rather than next as Emanuel’s ~10 piece band brilliantly props up his great vocals with the song’s intense slow build. Emanuel and Co have a few Listen tracks up on their MySpace so if you are liking these jams so far then I recommend a visit to check ’em out. Unfortunately my other album faves “Ariel and The River” and “The Finale” aren’t among them but they are a good start to decide for yourself about Emanuel’s vibe.

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SHEARWATER make me want to paint BLACK on my EYES and get epic

in the heat of the act is a crack in the ice

♫ Shearwater – Black Eyes

How is it possible that we are now 3 days after the Oscars and I have no idea who won anything, not even best picture? I know it says more about my multi-tiered seclusion from Hollyworld than anything else but I would have guessed that a pop-up ad or a stray email fwd: would have dropped some knowledge on me. Anyway, I was thinking about The Oscars because I was thinking about Braveheart and I was thinking about Braveheart because I was listening to this epicness from Shearwater that makes me want to lurk through a forest on my way to conquer a distant land. I have been really digging “Black Eyes”‘ soaring grandiosity and utilizing it to soundtrack the more mundane events of my day. That piano is chillingly excellent and at a perfect teeth brushing tempo! I don’t know much of Shearwater’s music but they have  been around for a while and are fronted by a guy who until recently was also in Okkervil River, another band I don’t know. The vastness of my ignorance is overwhelming at the moment so I’m avoiding delving deeper into Shearwater’s latest, The Golden Archipelago. If I hear that all the tracks are this great I might have a lot of catching up to do.

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BEAR HANDS know WHAT A tight little jam can do for a DRAG of a day

you got them long nails, i’m dreamin’ of your goddamn long nails

♫ Bear Hands – What A Drag

Bear Hands are from Brooklyn and both their location and vibe will probably get them shit from people who value being negative more than having fun. That’s unfortunate because this little jam flutters and bounces like it’s just waiting for you to start singing along with that chorus. The single is out soon and hopefully more after that! Grab an older and slower Bear Hands jam over at RCRD-LBL and get pumped for more goodness from these guys.

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Remix Roundup Vol. 18 – 3.8.10 [Gorillaz, Miike Snow, Vampire Weekend, The Temper Trap]

Time is tight and I’m late for a date with with the sandman so I’m gonna forgo my usual ramblings for an edited version. I’ve arranged these in a loose order of great to merely relevant so use that as a guide. Or just cherry pick. Whatevs.  If enough people miss my personal notes then I can bring ’em back but if not then frankly I could use the extra time. Word.

♫ The Hood Internet vs The 2000s – Decalogue / The hood Internet take an epic 6 minute trip through the 2000s. A must listen for anyone who has been alive for the past 10 years and enjoys good times and great memories. For realz. Crank this and bust your moves all up on memory lane.

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GOOD SHOES are UNDER appreciated? You be in CONTROL!

the more i want the less i feel it, the more i get the less i need it

♫ Good Shoes – Under Control

Good Shoes are hit and miss. I have heard a few of their older tracks and been non-plussed. “Under Control” is a jam in my book and has been feeding my inner spazz for a few weeks now. Lukewarm reviews of their recent LP No Hope, No Future make me hesitant to move past “Under Control” to perhaps less green/rocking pastures. Anyone have any thoughts on the album? Do they maintain bass-lines as fun as this for all10 tracks or is it as exciting as that swimming pool looks? Their MySpace has a link to another free track for those of you feeling adventurous.

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KING BRITT has the perfect song for right NOW

everyday we try harder, everyday we get tougher, until we’re heartless

♫ King Britt – Now (feat. Astrid Suryanto)

King Britt has been making music since before many of you were born. He started out in the Philly house music scene and has since evolved his bad self all over the place. Or so I hear. My personal knowledge of the guy is limited to what I have read in the past 5 minutes but that’s all the better because I’d rather let this beautifully melancholy music tell me his story. Frankly, I think he would agree. The equally enigmatic Astrid Suryanto, however, sings for herself as one of the many guest vocalists on his latest album The Intricate Beauty. Well said, KB, well said. Pull your lover close and dim the lights for this one. You got 8 minutes.

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MONEYBROTHER is a BORN rocker who is UNDER appreciated. That’s A BAD thing. Someone needs to SIGN him in America..

what i gots gonna help me get what’s mine

♫ Moneybrother – Born Under A Bad Sign

Moneybrother is the solo project of Swede (surprise!) Anders Wendin and 2009’s Real Control is his 5th solo album. I haven’t dove into his back catalog yet but that’s only cause I have been too busy listening to Real Control. The bouncy piano-rock sing-along “Born Under A Bad Sign” turned me on to the album and luckily for us the whole thing is a great collection of jams. Moneybrother’s music is so immediately catchy and, for lack of a better word, big, that it’s hard to believe he hasn’t caught on outside of Europe. Mixing some of the better parts of rock legends like Elvis, The Clash, and Bruce Springsteen he seems tailor made for American classics like jukeboxes, convertibles, and optimism. If you like rock n’ roll and good times then I strongly recommend this albums because the fun doesn’t stop with these two gems. I also hear his live gigs are legendary so anyone in NYC on the 20th should catch him with Rhett Miller. Any Moneybrother fans wanna comment on his awesomeness and a favorite album of his?

♫ Money Brother – Here Comes The Vain Again

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DUTCH UNCLES are poised TAKEOVER more than just Netherlands-themed slang

you need this truth to over-think, i hate myself ’cause you over-drink

♫ Dutch Uncles – Takeover

Ok, so there is a dutch oven and “going dutch” but these young Brits with that fantastic artwork over there are Dutch Uncles and until recently I’d never heard the term nor the band. They are young, talented, enthusiastic, and come from the same area as TBE up-n-comers Airship. Manchester is clearly cooking these days and Dutch Uncles are definitely fueling that fire. They recently toured with other TBE faves, Bombay Bicycle Club and The Drums, and word is that they slayed it. No surprise there as “Takeover” is a rollicking good time with all it’s pieces bouncing at just the right pace and Duncan Wallis’ vocals jabbing through his myriad thoughts. And then there are the “ooh ooh ooh”s. I like the “ooh ooh ooh”s. So far so good and if I can get my paws on their debut album it looks like these guys are just the right band to rock my ass until the next Jukebox The Ghost album. Now that would be a line-up.

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